nypcorp: The Process and Performance of Burlap Bags

The Process and Performance of Burlap Bags

  • nypcorp: The Process and Performance of Burlap Bags
But in the manufacturing procedure of paper baggage, due to the pollution, destruction on ecological environment, it can't be the nice opportunity. Non-woven fabric with a brief process, high yield, fast-changing varieties, wide range of uncooked materials resources, lengthy lifestyles and automatic degradation. Are diagnosed because the exceptional opportunity to plastic baggage. Experts estimate that non-woven purchasing bags can be reused 10 times. The pollution is handiest 10% of plastic bags after abandon. Thus the recycling baggage have an extensive market prospect.

Non-woven baggage’ price is better than the price of free use sandbags. Generally each one is 3 to four RMB. It has been sold for 15RM. Bag fee is decided via its cost of production. Non-woven fabric is a non-woven material, it's far the direct use of polymer slices, brief fibers or filaments shaped by using diverse methods of fiber community formation and consolidation of era with tender, breathable and planar structure of the brand new fiber products. Non-woven baggage with a short manner, high yield, low cost, speedy changes in varieties, wide range of resources of raw materials and so forth.

Nonwoven bag is an inexperienced product with attractive appearance and low charge. It is the great preference for buying and corporate image marketing Non-woven baggage made tape stable, non-toxic, no smell, does now not irritate the skin, exact air permeability, easy to maintain a dry fabric. Non-woven bags reasonably-priced, environmentally friendly and sensible, broadly used, a outstanding advertising area for exchange festivals and exhibitions all types of business sports, organizations and institutions is a great promotional items.

Non-woven luggage are divided into non-woven shopping baggage, woven luggage, woven advertising and marketing luggage, woven tote, woven match cover, non-woven apron, burlap fabric for sale, and present baggage and so on. Production can be used for advertising, packaging, shopping luggage, exhibition and different non-woven baggage jaw domain is a green product, tenacious durable, appealing appearance, right air flow, reusable, washer-friendly, may be screen advertising and marketing, trademarks, use long duration, suitable for any organization in any enterprise as advertising, present purposes. Consumers get nice non-woven baggage and corporations get the invisible advertising. It is satisfactory for each aspects, so the non-woven fabrics in the market emerge as increasingly popular.

Non-woven bag uses casting approach with composite strong. In the procedure, it isn't composite adhesive, soft, no feeling, no pores and skin infection and can be implemented to the single one-time clinical, sheets, gowns, isolation clothes, shielding clothing, shoe covers and protecting equipment.

Recycle PET reusable bag is a new technology of reusable substances with characteristics of moisture proof, breathable, flexible, light-weight, non-combustion, biodegradable, nontoxic non-tense, colorful, cheaper, recyclable and so forth. The cloth may be certainly broken down setting outside in ninety days. If it is placed within the indoor, the life is as much as 5 years.

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